How many sprays can I get out of a Shmoist bottle?
Approximately 500+ sprays out of our 40mL bottles.
What moisturising ingredient to you add to Shmoist?
We add Dimethicone to all of our Shmoist formulations. Dimethicone is the ingredient known to give you smooth skin, and shiny hair. It’s a silicone based hydrating solution and one of the most widely used in cosmetics, haircare and skincare. Dimethicone is a naturally-sourced, large-sized silicone molecule and its size is its advantage because it does not evaporate when it touches the skin, leaving your hands soft and smooth.
What percentage of ethanol do you use in your product?
We take good hygiene seriously so we follow the World Health Organization recommendations and our formulas include 80% ethanol.
What evidence do you have that your solution kills off viruses?
Based on the World Health Organization’s recommendations and the formula which we have followed and research, our solution has with 80% ethanol which is known to kill 99.99% of germs.
What fragrance selections do you have in the Shmoist range?
Our current range includes 8 different fragrances, all uniquely curated and made here in Australia. Our fragrances are unique to us - if you're not sure which one you might love, take our quiz which is on the home page.
What are the fragrance descriptions?
Daily Rind
Main accords include Citrus, Musk, Aromatic, Fresh Spicy Notes include Citrus, Musk, Tuberose, Woods, Fruits, Jasmine, Floral

Main accords include Woods, Floral, Musky Aromatic, Light Spicy Notes include Woods, Floral, Musks, Amber, Labdanum, Green, Ambergis

Down Under
Main accords include Aromatic, Fresh Spicy, Marine, Green, Woody Notes include Mint, Green Nuances, Lavender, Coriander, Rosemary, Geranium, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, Amber, Tobacco

Rose Aye
Main accords include Rose, Oud, Balsamic, Fresh Spicy, Floral Notes include Rose Bulgarian, Argawood Oud, Cumin, Labdanum, Musk, Ambergis

Main accords include Citrus, Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Herbal, Green Notes include Tea, Bergamot, Lemongrass, Musk

Sweet Spot
Main accords include Woody, Amber, Balsamic, Warm Spicy, Aromatic Notes include Jasmin, Saffron, Amberwood, Ambergis, Fir Resin, Cedarwood

Main accords include Kakadu Plum, lemon, raspberry, apple, grapefruit, mandarin, vanilla and Ho Wood oil

Byron Babe
Main accords include orange, lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint and Ho Wood oil
Where can I buy Shmoist?
You can buy Shmoist from our website or from our Instagram online store. We also have a number of retail stockists who have our complete range.
I want to sell Shmoist, who do I contact?
That’s awesome, we’d love to have a chat to you. Send us an email to and we’ll help you out!
I finished my Shmoist bottle, what should I do with it now?
Firstly, go to the Shop tab on the website and order another so that you aren't without your fav sanitiser! The good news is, we have made our bottles out of recyclable plastic, so pop it in the right colour bin to recycle it. Our boxes are made from recyclable cardboard as well so don't forget to recycle that too!
Why is liquid sanitiser better than gel or foam sanitiser?
Really, it’s a personal preference but we guarantee you that by using Shmoist you won’t be left with the sticky wet feeling that you get with other gel sanitisers. Our formula is fast drying but won't dry out your hands. The light mist gives you full protection and evaporates quickly. Remember, it’s not wet. It’s not dry. It’s Shmoist.
Is your product made in Australia?
It absolutely is, we are so proud to work with a range of Australian companies to develop Shmoist and keep employment local! All of our fragrances are designed, made and bottled locally.
How often can I use Shmoist?
As often as you like. Go on, Shmoist yourself.
Do you partner with any charities?
We sure do. Every month we partner with a different charitable organisation and donate a % of profits. As a business it's important for us to do good in the world so every time you purchase Shmoist, something amazing happens in the world. If you would like to join our charitable partnerships or suggest a partnership, please email
I want to do a collaboration with Shmoist, how do I go about it?
Ooh! We LOVE the sound of that! Send us an email to and we’ll see how we can collaborate or feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @shmoistme
Does Shmoist test on animals?
Definitely not! We are animal lovers and we will never test on animals.
Is Shmoist gluten free?
We don’t have evidence to suggest that Shmoist is gluten free. Some reports say that gluten can be absorbed directly through the skin, not only from the mouth. So if your Shmoist happens to touch your mouth or your lips and you develop a gluten reaction, simply discontinue use.
Is Shmoist vegan?
Sure is! We have only included fragrances that are not derived from animal product because we are animal lovers!
Is there anything in particular I should be worried about when using Shmoist?
It goes without saying that Shmoist is used for your hands and should be used for external use only. Because of the high alcohol content it’s also extremely flammable so keep it away from any open flame or high temperatures. If you or someone you know happens to swallow it, seek medical attention immediately and call the Poison Information Centre in Australia on 131 126. If your skin feels irritated, stop using it immediately and speak to your doctor. Shmoist is for your hands, not your eyes or your mouth, but if some happens to go in, simply rinse it with water. Don’t ingest it either, we don’t think it’ll taste very nice.

All you need to do is Spritz. Rub. Inhale.
Will my Shmoist bottle expire?
Sure will, two years after manufacturing date. If you don’t finish it before…
Is my Shmoist flammable?
Absolutely, it’s made from 80% ethanol alcohol so keep it away from any open flame or high temperature environments.
Can I take Shmoist on an airplane?
Of course you can – pop it in your handbag or your pocket. As it’s 40mL it’s approved for carry on. Travel safe!
Do you ship internationally, outside of Australia?
Not at this stage, but keep checking in as we will be soon.
What carrier do you use for shipping?
We work with Australia Post. Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking link so you can monitor it all the way to your front door.
Will my Shmoist be affected by the sunlight and change the colour and fragrance?
As with any perfume we suggest keeping your bottle out of direct sunlight and extreme temperature environments as this can alter the smell and colour of the formulation. This will not alter the efficacy of its sanitising properties though. Store your Shmoist bottle in any environment under 30 degrees Celsius.
Why the name Shmoist (we knew you’d ask)?
So glad you asked...Truth is, we don’t have an answer that will likely satisfy you. We just love the word and hopefully it’ll become a verb one day just like Google did. We can just hear someone saying “I need to Shmoist myself”. We also know that some of you may think it’s a bit of a funny name (we get why…) and for that reason we hope you’ve had a giggle. So go on, Shmoist yourself. You know you want to.
Can I track my order?
Absolutely! Once we receive your order you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Then, track away by using the link on our homepage 'Track Your Order'.
My order is late, who can I talk to?
Sure, email us at and we can fast track the process for you. There is never time to waste, when you need to Shmoist!