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Shmoist was developed and made in Australia to rock the sanitising industry. We have made sanitiser that smells amazing you actually want to use it, one that leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth and one that you’d be proud to pull out of your handbag and share with your friends.

We are all about spreading ❤️ not 🦠 and we are committed to creating a business with the best intentions, so every time someone purchases Shmoist, something great happens in the our charitable partners which rotate on a monthly basis. Since hand sanitising is here to stay, we knew that there needed to be a better (and cooler) way to protect ourselves from harmful germs.

The Shmoist capsule collection includes 8 uniquely formulated fragrances with each bottle giving you 500+ sprays. We also added moisturising ingredients to our formulation so you’ll no longer have dry hands. Take your Shmoist with you wherever you go; your gym bag, handbag, car, carry on luggage, your desk…Oh the places you'll go with your Shmoist.


Shmoist is the creation by two childhood friends with complementary skills and a desire to completely change the sanitising industry. The formidable duo pulled their skills in marketing, graphic design, product manufacturing and development and a serious passion for beautiful beauty products together and created Shmoist.

But they knew that they couldn’t do it alone, so they partnered up with Australia’s leading fragrance purveyor of fine fragrance to bring you Shmoist. Based in Sydney, Australia, team Shmoist are constantly refining fragrance combinations to bring you a bespoke library of unique Shmoist fragrances, unlike you’ve ever inhaled before.

  • It's Not Wet

    Good fragrance can turn heads and define a person. Choose from our library of fragrances and find your favourite Shmoist scent. There are 8 to choose from, and we assure you there's a fragrance that you'll love!

  • It's not dry...

    Your hands should never suffer for being sanitised so we added extra moisturising ingredients. We add dimethicone to our products which is widely used in cosmetics as it does not evaporate when in contact with the skin.

  • It's not sticky...or stinky

    Good hygiene is so important so is making great hygienic habits. Our sanitisers have 80% ethanol and follow the World Health Organization's guidelines. It's not sticky or tacky as our light spray mist does the trick with just one spray.


    We don't want sanitising to kill your cool! No more ugly medical looking bottles or scare marketing tactics. Shmoist is the bottle in your bag that you'll want to show off and share with your mates. Spread ❤️ not 🦠.

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