New Aussie hand sanitiser and moisturiser launches to market

Oct 01 , 2021

Tracey Hirschhorn

New Aussie hand sanitiser and moisturiser launches to market

With hand sanitisers set to become part of the new normal as we are navigating our way out of the pandemic, Shmoist is introducing a hand sanitiser and moisturiser in one.

Aiming to disrupt a traditional category through innovation and design, Shmoist is a sleek designed, high-quality fragranced product that not only does its job to remove harmful germs, but smells incredible and moisturises your skin simultaneously, says co-founder Dionne Taylor, who spotted a gap in the sanitiser market during the past Covid year.

“With sanitising a daily ritual for everyone and a habit that’s here to stay, there was an opportunity to create a product that not only provides a safe sanitising solution, but a beautifully smelling and moisturising one too,” she explains.

Taylor says she wanted to up the cool factor in sanitising and improve on the two most common complaints people have about sanitiser―the smell and the drying factor on our skin.

“The top three complaints people have about sanitiser is the smell (too alcoholic), the fact that it's very drying on our skin and it's just not cool. So, we set out to rock the sanitising industry and lead with fragrance, so we've custom designed six fragrances, added moisturising agents to the mix, packed it up in a cool bottle and box, and we've launched to market in March 2021.

“We wanted to create a name that could become a verb, such as ‘Shmoist me, my hands need cleaning’, for example. The ’moist’ in the word depicts the moisturising qualities of the product and the ‘Sh’ is as though it's a secret. It's a made up word. It's not wet. It's not dry. It's Shmoist. We also know the name 'moist' can be a bit polarising, but either way, you laugh when you hear it and hopefully, you'll remember the brand name because of that,” she enthuses.

Besides making it the latest must have beauty product, the team behind Shmoist is also committed to creating a product that is vegan and cruelty free, comes in recyclable packaging and is 100 per cent Australian made.

“Central to our brand commitment is to partner with social enterprise and non-profit organisation Buy1Give1 so every time someone purchases Shmoist, something great happens in the world,” says co-founder Tracey Hirschhorn.

“We want to make 10,000 impacts this year ranging from good health and wellbeing, quality education and clean water and sanitisation.”

And this is just the beginning for the brand. “We're not stopping now at hand sanitisers. We are leading with fragrance, so we have a whole range of products for the body and our home. We're also celebrating Australian Made with Australian ingredients, and we can't wait to launch; just wait and see,” adds Taylor.