Top Fragrances for 2021 That Kills Germs

Feb 03 , 2021


Team Shmoist

Top Fragrances for 2021 That Kills Germs

Just like a good meal, the ingredient combinations can either make or break it. The same rule applies to fragrance compilation – not all fragrances “match” so listen up to the best fragrance combinations that will not only turn heads, give you all the good feels but also sanitise your hands at the same time.

When it comes to fragrance combinations, each fragrance is broken down into what’s called ‘notes’. It’s these notes that give you all the feels and ultimately determine whether you love the fragrance or not. Combined with everyone’s individual skin, fragrance can smell very different from person to person. 

Here are the top fragrance combinations for 2021 that not only smell amazing, will turn heads, but will also sanitise your hands so you’re fresh, clean, and ready to go about your day! 

Shmoist Sweet Spot includes woody, amber, balsamic, warm spicy and aromatic tones. Combined with sweet smelling jasmine, saffron, amberwood, ambergris, fir resin and cedarwood, this fragrance is for the woman who knows how to sprinkle on the charm. She may appear this way on the exterior but really she’s full of sass, likes to earn the dough and holey moley does she know how to spend it.

Shmoist Down Under combines aromatic fresh spicy notes, green marine and woody with a mix of mint, green nuances, lavender, coriander, rosemary, geranium, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, amber and tobacco. 

Named after the country of origin, Shmoist Down Under reeks of an Aussie summer. Think of the fresh smell of the sea breeze combined with sweet subtle notes of tanning oil, this is the fragrance that exudes summer and long lazy days by the ocean. A spritz of this and you’ll be feeling all the feels Down Under (not the country, obvs).

Shmoist Daily Rind screams citrus! With notes including musk, fresh spicy, tuberose, woods, fruits, jasmine and floral tones, Shmoist Daily Rind smells like a freshly opened jar of marmalade. With citrus notes and musky tones this is the fragrance for those with a zest for life. It’s for the woman who has an air of confidence and will squeeze every ounce of effort out of everything she does. Don’t cross her though, she is not the kind of woman you want to pith off. If you’re a citrus lover then this definitely ain’t no lemon.

Shmoist Rose Aye is like a punch in the face from 12 long stem red roses. With fragrance notes including rose, oud, balsamic, fresh spicy florals, argawood, cumin, labdanum, musk and ambergris, this bouquet is for those who like the finer things in life, likes to make spur of the moment decisions and is first to say yes to a social arrangement. Although her friends sometimes see her as a thorn in their side, she is as loyal as a man's best friend and will constantly remind you to stop and smell the Rose Aye’s.

Nobody puts BAE in the corner – and if you’re the kind of BAE that wafts into a room before you’re physically there then this fragrance is so very VIP. With amber and musk notes combined with lavender, rose and magnolia, we musk admit that Saw BAE is the fragrance that will stop a man in his tracks and want to take a sniff. But keep it on the DL* as IMO* this one is FTW* (*Google it if you don’t know what we mean).

Like any good EAU fragrance you need a high concentration of fragrance oils and EAU.M.G is no different – with citrus, fresh spicy, aromatic, herbal, tea, bergamot, musk and lemongrass notes, Shmoist EAU.M.G will make you want to flip off your flops and frolic on the forest floor foraging for fresh fit-to-eat flora. Say that 10 times fast! With herbal notes and citrusy undertones, this fragrance is Fresh AF. Spritz and inhale. Enjoy nature without the mozzies. 

Now that your fragrance library is sorted, spritz, rub, inhale and you’re good to go with Shmoist

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