Top 5 COVID friendly accessories that won’t ruin your vibe

Jan 25 , 2021


Team Shmoist

Top 5 COVID friendly accessories that won’t ruin your vibe

Whether you’re cool or not, it’s likely that the pandemic has changed your behaviour; whether it’s the way you shop, how you behave, how you socialise (or not), how you work… one thing is for certain the world has changed forever. 


But we can still get on with our lives and be cool about it – so here are top 5 COVID friendly accessories that won’t kill your vibe…

  1. Masks! You can now accessorise your mask design and print with your outfit or your mood. You can even get them custom made that looks exactly like your nose and mouth so people will see your whole face! 
  2. Shmoist! Kiss goodbye to daggy hand sanitiser and packaging and fall in love with Shmoist – the fragrance and moisturising designed range made for the uber-cool germaphobe. 
  3. PPE – If you don’t like what you’re wearing of you just haven’t had time to do the washing, just throw on one of these and protect yourself in the process
  4. Puzzles – plenty of time at home can for some mean one word.. boredom. But for others it can be a chance to have some much-needed down time and embark on that 2000 piece puzzle that has been collecting dust in the back of your cupboard. Even better if it’s of a destination that you wish to visit when safe travel returns. 
  5. Social distancing head ware – looking to keep 1.5m away from the next person – turn distance into fashion by wearing an oversized head piece that will mean that it’s physically impossible for them to come near you! Even better if you make it yourself – we’ve seen some cool ones using pool noodles! 

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