Shmoist launches TWO new fragrances and adds therapeutic qualities to their range

Nov 16 , 2021


Tracey Hirschhorn

Shmoist launches TWO new fragrances and adds therapeutic qualities to their range

The Aussie made and owned hand sanitiser brand, Shmoist, has launched two
new fragrances set to not only continue to rock the sanitising industry but add
therapeutic qualifies to our every-day washing.

The Aussie-made brand campaign is a nod to the country in which we live –
unifying our nation’s people as we move about freely in our country, coming
together, feeling unconfined and germ-free while we hug and re-connect with
the people we have missed the most.

The new range includes G’day (Kakadu Plum) and Byron Babe (Aussie Native
Rosalina). After receiving so many customer requests for an Australiana range, the two new fragrances’ launch is perfectly timed as we move about our community and our country more willingly.

G’day, deep red and rich in colour signifies Uluru the centre of our country.
Kakadu Plum is used in traditional medicine, Kakadu Plum was used to treat
colds, the flu, and headaches. They were also utilised as an antiseptic or
soothing balm for the limbs. More recently, they have been recognised for their
high nutritional value of Vitamin C making Kakadu Plum 100 times more potent
than an orange. Indigenous people have used the fruit for its preservative and
medicinal qualities for centuries. Whilst we don’t want you to drink your
sanitiser, applying this light fragrance to your hands gives you all the
therapeutic qualities on offer.

Byron Babe signifies the colour of the sand and the sun, and depicts what
Australia is best known for, not to mention a nod to one of Australia’s most
popular tourist destination. Made from Australian Native Rosalina Tree, best
known for its calming and relaxing qualities. The fragrance can help induce
sleep, provide stress relief so, just like Byron, you can go to your happy place
and chill.

The two new fragrances, Byron Babe and G’day along with best-seller Down
Under complete the ‘Straya Collection Bundle and embody everything Australia
has to offer; the sun, the sand, the surf, the sky and the dessert.

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