Hand Sanitiser Kills Germs and Dries Hands - We Found The Solution!

Feb 16 , 2021


Team Shmoist

Hand Sanitiser Kills Germs and Dries Hands - We Found The Solution!

If you’re over-washing or just over it in general, germ-killing can become a full time gig! Pass the soap, pass the sanitiser, and now, pass the moisturiser.

No doubt your hands have seen some form of damage from over cleaning, from your knuckles to your talons – the good news is we’ve found a solution that not only sanitises but moisturises as well.

We challenged ourselves to create a solution that redefines how we sanitise our hands, it should not be boring, sticky and smelling like you’ve just stepped out of the hospital. We have created our range of hand sanitiser to be fun and filled with personality.

And the best bit, is that hand sanitising can actually be cool with the new hand sanitiser, Shmoist. 

Say goodbye to sloppy, sticky gel sanitisers that leave your hands not only stinky and sticky, and say hello to perfumed, moisturising and sanitising spray for your hands – Shmoist.

This new uber-cool sanitiser is in 6 different unique fragrances that will leave you wanting to come back for me – you’ll never feel the burden of sanitising again! 

Did someone say Shmoist me? If you insist…

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